Tuesday, June 06, 2006

It Is The Same Old World!


Hangpa jangan tak tau skarang ni dah ada yang ingin menyumbangkan hasil karya untuk di'up'kan dalam blog aku nih... Jom kita baca dan hayati msg yang ingin disampaikan disebalik hasil nukilan member aku sorang nih.....

It is amazing to think about how the older generation visualise, strategise and plan for the future. They may not use buzz words, their terminology may not really be bombastic, funtastic.. mister loba-loba. Hence, the 'underlying reasoning' and 'desired outcomes' remain pretty much the same and surely applicable in any generation, as we move forward into the future.

My take is, if they are able to document it, as 'policies' may be, it definitely will 'pass the test of time'. Well thought of, well brain-stormed and always forward looking. They use' historical data' as a guidance, they also used the famous and important modelling assumption of FLLP 'future look like the past' . Just for them, it is all about 'ingat tak tok hang pesan....' , 'dulu, kampung kita pernah bah...' or 'hang lupa ka apa yang jadi kat kita...' all pertinents info. being passed down to us, and is expected to be passed down again so that 'the lesson learnt' will remain within family members.

Talking about 'Control-Self Assessment' , which is getting a lot of popularity nowdays. The CSA was slightly different in the past, esp. implementation. Now, you have the luxury of sitting in the office, everything automated and templates are readily available to facilitate the exercise. In the old days, it is more of ' hang pi dok bawah pokok tu, pikiaq apa yang hang buat salah, pastu, jgn masuk sampai hang menyesai dan tak buat lagi'. Well, that is introspective too, but i guess it is interesting to see how 'subjectivity' element plays some role. Imagine, 'sampai hang menyesai' means, you surely forced to think of your mistakes (losses if it is in the operations!), and think of how you will not do it again (basically, to put controls in place). Bottom line, both 'exercises' will produce result, which one is faster? depends on 'berapa banyak 'hantuuu...ada kat luar bawah pokok tu...' or berapa banyak harimauuu dlm hutan tu... hehe!!

So many things that we can compare with, which strengthen my belief that it is the same old world,only just the application will take different form. Allow me to touch on my last example, which is close to my heart. It has been countless ocassions, that I've been reminded by my mom - this world is a 'vicious circle' and we should try to break away from it,we should try to change our destiny.

Interestingly, it came in different form, which is allright, 'substance over form', right? She said "Tok wan kami buat bendang, bapak tok wan kami pun buat bendang, tok pada tokwan kami pun buat bendang (mind you, my mom stayed with her tok wan!) jadi, sampai bila kita nak buat bendang... tak boleh, hangpa kena ubah benda ni, generasi demi generasi...kita kena naikkan taraf hidup..kalau aku belajar sekolah oghang putih, hangpa kena pi unibersiti oghang putih... "

Reflecting now, it keep me going and i'm sure her 'jati diri' that is running through our blood, and she have achieved her goals, small may be, but realistic and attainable. Who says 'kaizen' is not there in the old days??


Thanks again tu Caaint for a very rejuvenating
article... maybe we can reflect back on our past, on the way our parents teach us to behave.. to be the way we are today...Heck! Maybe it still can be apply in this generation and generations that are yet to come.


Anonymous said...

cara pemikiran dan pendidikan berubah mengikut peredaran zaman...the purpose is still the same...only the method is different...sesuai dgn zaman


Anonymous said...

agree. raising our child is getting tougher as day goes by.. and the faster the world evolve, i think, the more we should reflect at the past so that we won't loose the 'stories', it may be told in a different stories, but the underlying and gist are the same.

Sham said...

For me, yes, of cos' the world are evolving.... and the way the "lesson" should be taught must evolve constantly... but, we must not forget the "values" that our parents subconciously put in every punishment.....

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.