Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Alamak, nyesal termasuk blog zura tadi... tak pepasal kena tag plak.... Jawab jer la...

3 Questions

name 3 schools u went to(latest)
-St George Taiping

name 3 things in ur purse/backpack/bag

-kertas apo ntah la

name 3 things u do when u are really stressed
-tgk wayang
-window shopping

name 3 places u go on a daily basis
-Toilet(tiru zura)

name 3 favourite fruits


3 names u go by
-cham(mak aku panggey ni)
-sam(member study)

3 of ur favourite foods
-char kuew teow
-kuew teow bandung

3 things u are wearing right now
-nak tido arrrrr

The Whos

who's in the house with u?

who (or what) r u thinking about right now?

who did u last talk to on the phone?

who do u sit next to in your class?
-Mahathir(masa secondary school)
-Johari Khalil(masa asasi)
-Fitri(masa fakulti)

who was the last person u told u loved?

who do wish u were right now?

who gets on ur nerves the most at school?

The Wheres

where do u live?
-From Taiping with Love
-Pantai dalam

where is ur phone?
-Atas tilam

where do u sleep?
-atas tilam la

where is the last place u took a ride to?

where are u now?
-atas tilam

The Whats

what was the last thing u ate?
-Laksa campur petis banyak2

what colour shirt r u wearing?

what is the closest item near u that is blue?
-botol air

what do u like best about school?
-no pressure beb

what is ur favourite colour?

what do u wear more: jeans or shorts?

what is the last movie that u watched?
-X MEN 3

The Whens

when did u start school?
-1983- tadika

when is ur birthday?

when did u last go to the mall?
2 minggu lepas

when was the last time u bought a pair of pants?
alapak-lupa arrrr

when did u last burn something?
last week-burn cd

Next victim would be
-ema(jawab arr kat blog school awak tu)


Anonymous said...

hehehehe dok kerinchi yea sekarang nie

Sham said...

eh silap.. skarang dok pantai dalam.. napa? dekat ke?

Anonymous said...

ehh mana satu betui nie ? hohohoho .. tak .. jauh la ..

ai said...

Alamak!!! Sorry sham.. But you've been tagged again. Come to my blog to see the rules...Up to you to fulfill it...

Anonymous said...

dear abg ipar,

sihat? nak tanya ni, agak2 kul braper sampai umah ek? nak hantar cds...kalau tak keberatan, hari khamis ni leh? nanti ct miscal kalu dah sampai.kalau tak leh khamis ni, please let me know..


Anonymous said...

aiseh asal me kena laks..
me xde blog arr!


Anonymous said...

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